How to choose a good pair of glasses for your computer

A pair of good quality glasses for the computer is a must.

If you are on the go you can have your own set of glasses, but if you want to take your eyes out of the world you should invest in a good set of computers.

With the advent of the smartphone, there is a growing need for a good and comfortable pair of computer glasses.

These are a must for any professional and casual users.

Here are the top 10 best computer glasses for you to get comfortable in the next year.1.

Google Glass, $299.99 Glass 2.

Oculus Rift, $199.99 3.

HTC Vive, $599.99 4.

Sony PlayStation VR, $399.99 5.

LG G5, $349.99 6.

Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, free shipping on orders $59.99 7.

HTC One, $329.99 8.

Google Pixel, $179.99 9.

Sony Xperia Z1, $379.99 10.

Microsoft HoloLens, $799.99