How to Make Gucci Glasses with a Penknife

By now, you’re probably familiar with the gucci sunglasses that wearers wear to go shopping and parties.

The glasses are not cheap, but they’re really stylish and make for a great addition to any outfit.

To make them even more chic, you can take a classic approach and make the glasses yourself.

Here are three ways to do that:1.

Get a Pen Knife1.1.

Make a DIY Pen Knife for Gucci ShirtsThe first step is to get yourself a knife.

This isn’t difficult at all, but it does take a little work.

To start, you’ll need a penknife.

This can be a small knife that is long enough to reach the inside of the tube of the penknife that you’re going to be using to make the guppies.

You can find these on Amazon for around $20.

You will also need to buy a penbrush.

For this project, you will be making some sort of paper and it will be a little more expensive, but if you are really lazy, this is also a great alternative.2.

Start with the Inside of a PenKnife (or similar knife)3.

Add Some Pen Brushes for a DIY GuppiesMaking a DIY guppys is easier than you might think.

You do need a knife to make them, but the trick here is to take a pen knife and make it the size you want it.

This is what you’re trying to achieve.

A smaller penknife can be used for this, and a longer one will work too.

You’ll need to make a template for the pen knife.

You could even just make a little sketch on the paper that you want to make.

When you have a pen template, you could print out the template and fold it in half, but I prefer to have it printed out so I can easily fold it into a nice square shape.

You should then have something like this:This is what it looks like printed out on paper:That’s pretty much it.

You now have a pretty decent sized guppie penknife, and you can start using it to make guppiedes for your next party.1 / 4 (4 votes, average: 4.25 out of 5)votes, average : 4.26 out of 10)votes