How To Fix a Fire Pit Glass Door Knob

When your glass door knob gets bent and falls off your glass wall, you can replace it with a fire pit glass door jack.

And you won’t have to worry about a broken knob, because the glass door can be replaced without tools.

Here’s how to fix the glass knob.


Start by installing the jack on the door knob.


Using a hammer or pliers, loosen the screws on the glass wall.

The screws should loosen easily.


Pull the screw back into place.

This will ensure the jack won’t slip off when you’re removing it. 4.

Use a wire cutter or a hammer to cut the metal around the screw.

The jack should slide right off the knob.


Install the jack.

You can find the jack in your home’s plumbing cabinet or basement.


Remove the screw from the jack and push it through the hole in the wall where the knob is. 7.

Install a firepit glass door on the knob, making sure to be careful not to bend the glass.


Replace the knob with a new one.

This time, install the firepit.9.

Next, make sure the knob isn’t moving too much.

Remove any loose glass, then reinstall the knob on the wall.