When Apple finally makes glass…it’s time to upgrade to this

article It’s a glass screen, a glass case, a Glass display case and a glass blowing machine that Apple is launching in a new $100 accessory this week.

The Glass Display Case, available now for $199.99, replaces a standard case for Apple TV and Macs and replaces it with a special glass display.

The new accessory is Apple’s first major update to the product in over a year.

It’s also the first time the company’s upgraded its glass display in a while, and it’s a significant step forward in the evolution of the technology that’s underpinning the device.

The device itself is also getting a major update.

Apple’s new display comes in a number of colors and a larger size, with a curved display that’s now a flat, 1.85-inch screen.

It’ll be available in the U.S. on Wednesday for $299.99.

It will be available worldwide in November, with other countries following suit.

The screen on the new accessory comes in two different sizes.

It measures 1.75 inches and 2.5 inches, while the larger version measures 2.9 inches.

The original Glass Display case is 1.8 inches, but it’s now 0.6 inches larger.

While the new glass display case has the same display as the original, it’s slightly thinner and narrower.

It also comes with a smaller stand that sits flush with the screen.

The accessory comes with two screws, one to hold it in place and one to secure it to the screen, and a power adapter to power the screen from the outlet.

It costs $150 when it goes on sale, but the company says it will eventually be $300 or less.

Apple also plans to launch a new glass case in the future.

It should be available later this year, according to a tweet from the company.