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Glass is an incredible accessory for any person looking to capture their innermost thoughts, thoughts that are always free of clutter.

But what if you could capture those thoughts using just a few glasses, or just one?

Well, that’s exactly what Google Glass is.

With its high-tech display, the wearable is able to take a picture of you with just a couple of glasses.

The device is designed to look like a miniature video camera, allowing users to capture a few images from afar, with the camera rolling on a screen behind them.

But how does Glass capture and store those images?

It’s a simple matter of plugging in a microSD card and a microUSB cable, and you can even connect an external camera if you want to capture your thoughts in a different way.

Google Glass uses an infrared camera to capture the imagesIt’s a clever way to capture images without needing a full-frame camera, which can be pricey.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks, as Google has admitted.

In addition to the camera’s lack of resolution, the glasses can only take about 50 images a second, and the device can only display the first few frames.

The company is currently working on a new version of Glass, which should be able to capture up to 1,000 images per second.

However the company has yet to confirm when the update will be released, and Google Glass has also released a white version of the device that includes a more expensive camera and an IR camera that it says will be able capture images at up to 600 frames per second per second, which is a full 2,000 times faster than the standard glass.

Google is working on the new Glass Glass, and its also releasing a white one, which includes an IR-camera and camera that captures images at 1,200 frames per seconds per second (the IR camera is not included in the white version).

Google Glass can only capture images up to 50 images per minuteThe new glass has been designed to be more durable, so it can take a lot of abuse and damage in the wild, and will also last longer than the existing glass.

It’s also the first version of Google Glass that will be available in Australia.

The first version is available to purchase from Google’s Glass store in Australia for $1,299.

Google has not said if it will continue to sell Glass in Australia or if the company will make the device available in the US.