How a Trump administration would reshape the economy

Trump administration officials have outlined an ambitious agenda for reforming the U.S. economy in a wide-ranging report, including an ambitious overhaul of the corporate tax code, an expansion of infrastructure spending, a revamping of the nation’s energy system and a push to overhaul the nations energy grid.

The report comes as the Trump administration prepares to release its long-awaited economic plan, which will likely be more ambitious than any before.

The Trump administration has promised to boost the national debt by more than $4 trillion, as well as roll back regulations and cut taxes.

The president is set to outline the blueprint for the first time on Tuesday, with the White House saying it will be a “major departure” from past administrations.

“America will no longer be a country that leaves the economy and people behind,” the White Street Group CEO Richard Trumka told a rally in Virginia.

“We will rebuild our economy, our economy will grow again and our economy and the lives of millions of Americans will be better.”

The president’s economic blueprint would revamp the tax code to make it more progressive, eliminate the estate tax and eliminate the corporate rate, which is the lowest tax rate on capital gains and dividends.

It would also cut the corporate income tax rate from 35% to 21%.

The plan also includes a push for a “national infrastructure bank,” which would allow the administration to borrow up to $50 billion from other countries and use that money to finance the infrastructure projects that the Trump campaign promised.

The White House has been pushing for the White Houses tax plan, though its details are still in flux.

The White House released its plan last month, but it had not yet been publicly unveiled.