How a ‘tortoiseshell’ glasses can change the way you see things

A glass of “torture glasses” might be an effective way to look at a situation in a new way.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder found that the new technology, which uses a plastic film to block out light, can actually enhance the way that people perceive and react to certain images, according to a press release from the university.

Researchers first began testing the device in a controlled laboratory setting with a group of subjects who had been blindfolded and asked to look through a black hole while wearing the glasses.

The device then showed images of people wearing the black hole glasses, and showed people looking through the holes using different viewing angles, the press release said.

Researchers then compared the results from the black holes of people who had and had not used the glasses with those of blindfold-free people who did not wear the glasses, which allowed them to see how much the glasses changed the way people perceived the black-hole images.

They found that people using the torture glasses had a stronger perception of the blackholes.

The torture glasses are being developed as a new product, according the press statement.

A study published in January in the journal PLOS ONE found that while people can look through black holes, the visual images created by the device can’t be directly compared to those created by an ordinary, non-tortured eye.

Researchers say the “tough-on-crime” glasses are a new tool for those trying to understand the effects of police violence on communities, and could also have applications in the courtroom.

The “tear gas goggles” were designed to help police officers look through people’s eyes, and they are being used in prisons around the country.