How to Eat a Glass Table: What to Avoid, How to Drink from it

Here are a few tips for a glass table: 1.

Drink with a glass.

This is critical.

When you drink from a glass, you’re drinking from the bottle.

That’s why it’s important to use a straw to help keep the drink cool.


Do not drink with an empty glass.

That can cause the glass to become clogged with debris and can even result in a glass break.


Use the water cooler as a guide when you’re setting up a glass to avoid spilling anything.


Avoid drinking while you’re on your way to work or a movie, or when you are trying to eat lunch.


If you’re working from home, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after you sit down to eat.6.

Be aware of the glass in the dining room and the glass table itself.

If it’s clogged, it may be easier to drink from the other side of the table.7.

Drink slowly.

You can drink a small amount of water at a time, then quickly drink more.8.

If the table is empty, place your food in the fridge, as it’s easier to handle and serve it to a person you don’t know.9.

Make sure the food you serve is cold and well-seasoned.

The more salt you put in the food, the more saltiness it will be.10.

Be sure you put your food down before you start eating.

If food is over cooked, it won’t be as tasty.