How the new €1,000 glasses from the Epson brand will work – plus some more

The Epson Glass Company announced on Tuesday that its new £1,999 glass containers will be available to consumers at a special price of €1 and that they can be used for up to five years.

The Epson glass containers are manufactured from lightweight carbon fibre, and have a durable design that protects the glass and prevents it from cracking.

They can be easily recycled and can be fitted with a magnetic closure to ensure they stay in place.

The new containers will not be available in Europe at the moment, but they will be launched in the United States next month.

Epson said that consumers will be able to buy the new containers in the US and other markets next year.

The company has also announced a new glass animal, the Ezo Glass Animal, which it claims will be cheaper than its existing products.

It will be the first product to have a new name, it said, with the Ezeo being a more accurate reflection of the brand’s original name.

“The name Ezo is a nod to the Eizo family, a family of glass, animal and glass products that started as a small glass factory in the mid-18th century,” the company said in a statement.

“They made glass containers and glass bottles from the 1860s to the mid 1920s, and the Eizos family is the first in the world to offer glass animal products, as well as glass and animal-shaped glasses, such as glass bowls and bowls of glass.”

Ezo will be sold in the U.S. from April.