How to use the Google Glass app on your iPhone or iPad to watch YouTube

Auto Glass shop, glass pipe, eye glass store.

That’s the name of the Apple’s new eyewear-like device that will soon be available for the iPhone and iPad.

The Glass app, developed by Apple, will allow users to watch video and photos from their Glass device as well as other Apple products.

That includes iPhones and iPads running iOS 8.0.1 or higher, iPads running 8.1.3 or higher or iPhones and Macs running Yosemite 10.12.1 and later.

In addition to videos, the app will let users use its microphone and gesture recognition capabilities to control the device’s cameras, sound, and more.

Here’s how to use Google Glass.

Google Glass is a wearable device with a 3D-printed face and a 2D-printed face.

Its main appeal is its potential to interact with people and devices.

Google’s glasses were unveiled in April 2014.

Google has been teasing a version of the device that includes a built-in camera, a fingerprint reader, and a mic, and the company has previously revealed a few specs on its website.

Here are some of the most interesting specs of Google Glass, according to Apple: Apple has not said when or how it plans to release Google Glass to the general public.

However, a Google Glass spokesperson told Engadge that the company plans to launch Glass in a “big way” by the end of the year.