Glass Cutter Found in South Carolina after Owner Accidentally Shot His Own Son

A glass cutter was found Tuesday in the front yard of a South Carolina homeowner who accidentally shot his own son, police said.

According to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, officers were called to the home of William J. Thomas Jr. shortly after midnight Tuesday after his daughter called 911 to report her son had been shot with a glass cutter.

Thomas told police he went to the yard to get a glass, when he heard his own father shouting and running around the house, police reported.

He went back inside and grabbed the glass, according to the Sheriff’s office.

Thomas told deputies he then put the glass down on the concrete ground and tried to shoot himself, the report said.

When he returned to the scene, he found the glass had been removed, and the blade was missing.

He told deputies his father had taken the glass cutter to a nearby home, and had been trying to make a home improvement project with it when the blade broke.

Thomas’ daughter told police the knife had been lying in a pile of other broken glass.

She said she had tried to get her father to stop, but he would not let her.

The sheriff’s office said the blade appeared to be missing.