Apple unveils new $1,000 glass display for iPad, iPhone 5s – Business Insider

Apple announced the introduction of its first glass display display case on Tuesday, with the Apple iPad Air 2 coming in at $1.99.

Apple’s new glass case comes in three colors, a white, black, and a blue.

The iPad Air 3 is currently priced at $199.

The Apple iPhone 5c is $229.

The iPhone 5 is currently $329.

All three models have a 3.7-inch touchscreen, though the iPhone 5S features a 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 6 is available with a 4 inch screen.

Apple announced its new display case at its Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company was also demonstrating the iPad Air 4.

Apple also revealed the new iPad Air Pro 4, the first iPad to have a fingerprint scanner.

Apple has said that it will add fingerprint readers to its iPad Pro tablets, which will include a built-in one for the Apple Pencil.

Apple will be launching a new iPad Pro at a later date.