Which are kids glasses and clear frame glasses? | CBS News

Parents can choose between two glasses that allow them to view the TV without the need for a special remote control.

The clear frames, known as glasses, are available in two sizes: a normal-sized 3.5-inch display, which has an 8-inch screen, and a large, 2.5 inch, which can accommodate up to 16 people.

The other size, which is usually called a 2-inch, can fit four people.

Kids glasses allow children to see television without having to turn on a remote.

The glasses have a screen size of around 6 inches by 2 inches, which means that a 3.4-inch model is about the size of a 6-inch TV.

They have a clear frame so that children can see the TV clearly, but the glass is made of a transparent material.

Both glasses can also be connected to a computer and used for entertainment, but not for streaming content.

It’s the clear frame that parents will want to invest in for their children, said Paul M. Dolan, vice president and general manager of TV for CBS Interactive.

Dolan said he’s not sure what parents want from glasses, but he said that kids glasses are an “unadulterated entertainment” option.

“Kids glasses are a great way to provide entertainment, as long as you know the technology is safe and reliable and it’s not something that could cause harm to the child,” Dolan said.

Dola said kids glasses should be used for watching TV, not for entertainment.

“Children should have the ability to watch TV without distraction,” he said.