Ray Ban glasses are now in spain, but there’s no Spanish translation

Business Insider source Business Today article Ray Ban sunglasses are now available in Spain.

They were originally sold at the Ray Ban store in Madrid.

They’ve since been discontinued. 

But Ray Ban doesn’t stop there.

Ray Ban is now offering glasses in Spanish.

RayBan is offering glasses with a black, silver, and gold color scheme, and a special “Spanish” version.

These are available for purchase starting at $65.

These glasses have the standard Ray Ban color scheme with silver accents. 

The glasses feature a black rim with an angled tip and a black “fog” lens that extends past the edge of the lens.

The glasses also come in a black leather pouch with a blue-and-white RayBan logo.

The “Spanish Edition” is available in two color options: Black with white or silver accents Silver with black accents The RayBan glasses have a special lens design that can be removed for easy cleaning. 

They come in black or silver.