Why is Nikki Glasser wearing glasses?

NEW YORK — Nikki Glassar is wearing glasses.

The former head of CNN has said the glasses she uses as a “head of state” to view the world are part of her “private diplomacy.”

“I like to say, ‘I’m Nikki Glass,’ and I do wear them for private diplomacy,” she told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Sunday, referring to her glasses.

She said that in some ways she “looks like a glasshouse” in that she wears them for diplomacy.

Glassar said she is not trying to hide her views.

She explained that it is part of “the responsibility of my office” to wear the glasses.CNN reported in February that Glassar’s former boss, CNN executive chairman Jeff Zucker, said in an interview with The New Yorker that Glasser wears the glasses because she wants to appear to be a “glasshouse.”

Glasser said the issue has been “overblown.”

“You know, it’s been a very, very important role, I guess, in our history, in this country, and in the world.

But I think that the glasshouse is really, really important,” she said.

“And I just think it’s important that it be recognized.”

Glassar also said she uses the glasses to look out the window at the cityscape around her.

Glasser has a number of other public appearances, including one with President Donald Trump in March in New York City.

She also appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” last month to discuss the fallout from the White House press briefing on the president’s travel ban.

Glass’s glasses have become a big issue for both Trump and Democrats in Congress.

Trump said he does not approve of Glass’s use of the glasses and said the CNN chief should apologize for her use of them.

“I don’t want Nikki Glass wearing glasses, but I’m going to be very clear.

I think she should apologize,” Trump said.