When a glass-blower’s passion for science drives him to create more science-based products

By Greg SargentThe National Research Council in Canberra has announced the establishment of a new office dedicated to advancing the science and technology of glassblowers.

Glassblowers and glassmakers were the first in Australia to receive federal grants for research in glass and glassblowing.

The organisation said its office would provide support to glassblower groups in NSW and Queensland, as well as to other states, territories and regions in Australia.

“We are proud to announce that our new glassblOWER (Glassblower and Glassmaker Advocacy) office will be focused on advancing the scientific knowledge and technology that will enable glassblenders and glass makers to continue to thrive and innovate in the industry,” NRC chair Professor James Wilson said in a statement.

“This office will offer practical, timely and innovative support to organisations to promote the development of new products and services that promote the science of glassmaking and its products and support the development and expansion of the glassblrower and glassmaker industry.”

A spokesperson for the NRC said the organisation was “deeply committed to supporting research, innovation and science”.

“GlassblOWER will also provide an opportunity for glassblowers and glassmaking organisations to make informed policy choices about how to best advance the industry and the environment,” the spokesperson said.

The new office will focus on the role of glass and its associated technologies in the industries of glass, glassblending and the glass industry.

“Glass is the world’s most widely used, durable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, and the largest glass producer in the world,” the NRL said in its statement.

“Glassmakers and glassworkers are responsible for the vast majority of the global glass supply, making the sector a key driver of Australia’s global economic success.”

While many glassblourers and glass producers work closely with partners and governments, there is a huge range of interests and sectors that are not represented at this office.

“”Many glassblotters and glass companies have been operating under an economic system that encourages and rewards inefficient production methods.

We will continue to support the glass and related industries by supporting the development, deployment and support of new technologies and materials.