‘Fairytale’ story of ‘broken glass’ is a fairy tale!

A story of broken glass has been circulating for decades.

The idea has a happy ending for a couple in Germany, who are now selling the product online to help raise funds for the victims of the earthquake. 

The couple, identified only as Marie and Thomas, are hoping the story will spark a new interest in the topic and encourage others to share their stories.

“A fairy tale about broken glass is not a fairy-tale,” said Thomas, who is also the head of the company that makes the glass spice jars.

“The world would be a better place without broken glass.”

According to Marie, her husband made the story up as a child, while he and his mother, a social worker, told it to him as a young adult.

“I think it was a little funny, to be honest,” she said.

“But it turned out to be true.”

A few years ago, the couple began collecting broken glass and sold it on Etsy, a marketplace for handmade goods.

The jars, made of the glass itself, can be used for decorative purposes, and for children to take pictures of, Thomas said. 

They hope to continue selling the jars online, but the couple also plan to raise money for victims of last year’s quake.

“We don’t want to give up the product for free,” Marie said.

The couple said they will be selling the jar online for $15 per jar.